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Book depository books with free delivery worldwide. Tohko s route is the default route in that if you dont really try super hard to get someone elses route. It was released for the playstation vita, playstation 3, playstation 4, steam and microsoft windows by acquire corporation. Where to begin on his harem he somehow becomes one after the start of the story. Enter the third installment of the akiba s trip franchise and live the life of a neet and his group of unlikely friends, who all share the same resolve. Gamer difficulty was actually pretty tough at times, got tohkas true ending. To get it check your emails after every story quest as nana will give you some side quests, make sure you do them as soon as you get them, there will be 5 nana quests and 1 pops quest that needs to be done. Rin and shion are easy to mess up so if you arnt careful it might push you onto shizuku or tohko s route if you answer them too much. Steam community guide akibas trip routeendings guide. First of five one shots featuring the hero of akiba partnered with the various women of mogra. Hyperdimension trip chapter 9, a hyperdimension neptunia. Thanks to akiba interceptor, just copy it to the same folder as the original executables, and the fps can be able to lock to 60, can skip movies, 1. Yes its true you suffered a devastating defeat today, as did the other cpus, and that gamindustri is now in the hands of the enemy as a result.

Third and my latest ending is shion using guidance from this board. By doing this, you will have a lot of good stuff and money which can help you. If you dont give him some youre forced to fight him, which. Welcome to akiba s trip, a good game for someone who wants to visit akihabara akiba for short someday. If she only trusts you a little, you got her ending, but you got the non true ending. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, faq, unlockables, trophies, and secrets for akiba s trip. First blind through got tohko ending, second is somehow rin ending since i just pick any raise affect option. The game takes place in akihabara, a district of tokyo famed for being a electronics and otaku mecca. A third game in the series, akibas trip festa, has been released on november 2016. Welcome to akibas trip, a good game for someone who wants to visit akihabara akiba for short someday. It is optional to make a save beforehand, so you can get another ending after clearing nanas true ending.

Comunidade steam guia akibas trip routeendings guide. The newcomer was apparently named r4, or something like that. I wanted a story including a game that isnt that well known. Tohko is likely default route if you dont raise other girls affection enough high. What sold the deal is the anime magicalgirl striprism, where she fell in love with the main character lili and was even bribed by shion with a rare lili figurine. It takes around 1520 hours to unlock all of the trophies on playstation 4. Lets hurry to the suit shop with the girl girls name. Undead and undressed iv characters bio shizuku tokikaze rin tokikaze tohko sagisaka kati raikkonen shion. Tohko, shizaku, shion, rin, nana, the officer you pay your bail with, the arena manager antoinette, all the girls who crush on you as your reputation increases, and. You have to choose the correct choice to increase shizukus affection.

I got a fake ending on the first try, so im trying to get the true ending. If you want to go for true ending for specific girl, you should choose right choices which raise her affection, also always choose the choices which do not increase other girls affection if the choice for the girl of your choice is not available. Also, only doing the true endings and sister ending is required to get the trophies, but if you want all the characters to appear on the title screen, you need to finish the normal routes too. As for the story mode, there are a couple of fake endings and a true ending. The hero of akiba chapter 1, an akibas trip fanfic. Weve reached tohko s ending and see shizuku leave akiba before we find out how much nanashi and tohko care for each other. I wanted to rewrite the true ending of the rin path, and the end. You have to max out affection to get the true ending. Arfoire roared as she stabbed forward with her javelin, slicing off some of tohko s hair as she just barely evaded the lethal strike. As a hero in the game, you are required to defeat the vampires who have taken over akiba in order to bring peace to this place.

Akibas trip is almost entirely about stripping enemies, collecting random stuff and exploring a digital recreation of akihabara beyond all else, and if that sounds like fun to you, this is a game youll want to own as soon as you can get your hands on it. About true ending and normal ending route 100% spoiler. After you get in shizukus route, you still need to choose right answers which lead to her true. Constant exposure to akihabaras culture and her tenure with the akiba freedom fighters eventually converts shizuku into one. Tohko s route is the easiest to get to due to being childhood friends. Akiba s trip is a series of beatemup action rpgs developed by acquire corp, known for its threeway combination between geek culture, urbanfantasy, and brawlers. Theres like a ding whenever you have to select an option and i think thats when you chose the correct answer. Welcome to akiba s trip, a good game for someone who want to visit akihabara akiba for short someday. It takes around 2530 hours to unlock all of the trophies on playstation 3. After you finish gamer playthrough and may get tohko s true ending, then you can play on easy mode 3 times to get other girls for their true ending.

Missable most of the choice selection do not affect the story and ending, however, some of them will increase the girls love affection. Akiba s trip doesnt belong to me, nor typemoon works. Set in the tech and hobby capital akihabara, the basic plot follows humans as they fight off dangers to the town, including store riots, ornery thugs, energy consuming vampires, the citys dark unconsious. In spite of all my complaints with the game, i think im probably going to go ahead and aim for the platinum. My current goal is the shion run, as ive completed three tohko being the most spoiler. I just got this game and i have not stopped playing. History for charactersakibastripundeadandundressed tv. Nanas end is a bonus, you can do her end along with one of the main females so you should work towards this too. It is the sequel to akibas trip on the playstation portable. Hyperdimension trip chapter 4, a hyperdimension neptunia. I know ive only scratched the surface and only got the one true tohko ending. The plot is goofy and takes itself too seriously at times but remains fun regardless. Akiba s trip 2 2, akibazutorippu tsu, akiba s trip2, released as akiba s trip.

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