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High impact plastic case with mounting brackethardware, and 3 long shielded cable for radio interface. It seems like that should go to the wiper of the deviation control which appears to be where the blue wire is in the wiring bundle on the top left going to the volume control. A number of responses were received, and a small forum at a group meeting also talked through the. Ctcss decoder encoder sub audible tone decoder based on aa a mx165cp from mxcom. We have one of these, and can say it is well made, easy to use and very cheap to buy. A quick search of the internet will reveal many ctcss devices, kits, and circuits for a tone encoder board. A new high power compact 10m mobile radio, offering all the features you could ask for in a compact design ideal for mobile dx this latest version can now be programmed from 24. Multitone ctcss encoder te64 equipment communications. Suggestionsadvicehelp on ctcss encoder board and installation. In this project the ic detects 39a tones in thea a 67 hz 250 hz range you can find aa filter this embebbdeda 0300hz to havea low tones off the speaker. This link is listed in our web site directory since monday jul 26 2010, and till today improved pl tone encoder has been followed for a total of 528 times. Small size makes it perfect for handhelds and mobiles.

It can also decode, ani and transpond in dtmf, twotone, fivetone and 1500 and 2805 hz pulse tone. Have 10 communications specialists, model ss32, pl tone encoders, dip switch programmable, 12 vdc. Perfect for base stationmobile applications requiring multiple encode tones. This classic gem works well, but be aware that to decode pl tones you need in excess of 1 volt pp of decoded audio into the ts 32 s decoder circuit. Because of this interest i decided to improve on the old pl tone design. A look at a national standard for ctcss on repeaters john andrews zl2hd at convention 2007, the subject of choosing some standard tones for use on repeaters was suggested1, and since that time the group has called for input from interested people. The ct30 is a ctcss decoder encoder on a single printed circuit board. Earlier versions could only be programmed from 25mhz upwards. Communications specialists has an external ctcss encoder that you can wire up to any radio. Te32 multitone ctcss encoder fully enclosed ctcss encoder provides 32 eia tones from 67. About improved pl tone encoder the resource is currently listed in in a single category. Using the simple programming interface software and usb interface cable, users can program the encoder resolution on site as needed. This chip is not duplex meaning it will not generate encode and decode a tone simultaneously.

Encode tone, low impedance, low distortion, adjustable sine wave output, 0 3v. Communication specialists te32 multitone ctcs tone unit. Te64 communications specialists multitone ctcss 65. Low impedance 15k ohms, low distortion adjustable sinewave output, 0 to 2v. Five position dip switch table for the ts32 and other fiveswitch models by mike morris wa6ilq this chart has both the group a subaudible and the group b audible tone tables. This encoder software also lets you try different btc encoding parameters, and listen to an approximation of the encoded data played back by the pc sound card. This plan is an ideal mod for old fm tx, without tone sqelch.

Standard us and international tone groups included. This is another new but old item and has its mounting bracket and tuning tools still wrapped up in the package with the instructions. The main category is home brewing that is about amateur radio homebrew projects and experiments. Phoenix america manufactures custom encoders designed to meet your specific application. Very small portable or pocketset handheld 32 x 145 mm.

Obviously ground case, 12 volts from somewhere, and the tone itself. Ctcss tones laughing policeman wireless society lpws. Multitone ctcss encoder te32 equipment communications. It can decode, transpond and encode from a keypad and ani in any combination of dtmf, twotone, fivetone and 1500 and 2805 hz pulse tone. Te 32 for sale te 32 selectable module communications tone specialists ctcss pl encoder nib nos. Encoder manufacturer custom encoders phoenix america. Same as the te32, but displays the full tone frequency in a halfinch high window. Communications specialists te 32 selectable ctcss pl tone encoder module nib nos new old stock, new in box. At piexx company, we design and build custom electronics for clock enthusiasts, juke box collectors and the ham radio community.

Multi tone ctcss encoder te 32 communications specialists, material. So far no one has rated yet, so be the first to rate this link. Depending on the subaudible tone frequency selected using the programming inputs, as well as if that particular tone frequency is present in the audio input, the rx decode output pin 15 will go to a logic level one for a valid tone decode. Looking for optional ctss tone board for anytone at6666. Comtekk multi decoder will listen for any sustained tone signal and display the frequency or frequencies.

This product is packaged in a metal enclosure with a backlit keypad for dial encoding. Up for sale is a slightly used but 100% functional spec ts 32 ctcss tone encoder and decoder. Upon decoding a valid pl tone, the board gives a logic change. Btc sound encoder is a stand alone tool for converting sound files into a 1bit bitstream format that you can play back on a pic or other micro simply by adding a resistorcapacitor. Jukebox slave clocks syntorx tone boards radio interfaces radio upgrades tubes components so2rxlat usb to lpt translator nakamichi ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping. This is an external ctcs tone unit with 32 tones selected by switches. After the lowpas filter this becomes a reasonably clean sine. I have an old ts32 tone encoder board but i have no idea how to hook this up. An improved pl tone encoder improved pl tone encoder by n1hfx a significant amount of interest has been generated since my last article on a pl tone board. The ts32 is an encoder decoder while the ss64 is just an encoder transmit ctcss. Same as the te 32, but displays the full tone frequency in a halfinch high window. Packaged in beis flagship model h25 incremental encoder, the omnicoder allows for virtually unlimited resolution variations. Our encoders utilize magneticbased technology reaching multiple channel outputs with resolutions topping 10,000 pulses per revolution. It is also capable of multiformat ani with optional mandownlone worker emergency ani eni.

Technical information on products by repeater builder. I have an old ts 32 tone encoder board but i have no idea how to hook this up. The teda2 is a 2 tone decoder encoder capable of decodingencoding motorola quick call 2, plectron, ge type 99, and reach 2 tone sequential formats. Two tone paging decode old diy outdoor access pointclient bridge. Programmable ctcss subaudible encoder interfaces with all fm transceivers. Wisco international communications specialists encoders,ctcss. A look at a national standard for ctcss on repeaters.

My question is, where on earth can i find a tone encoder for this. Multi tone decoder software download scanner master. I had one like the one pictured below in a rci 2950 and it worked well. Wisco international communications specialists encoder. This classic gem works well, but be aware that to decode pl tones you need in excess of 1 volt pp of decoded audio into the ts32s decoder circuit. The tone is selected by the combination of jumpers in 6 positions, and the module is only 30 x 49mm in size. The tone output is a low distortion sine wave, with a variable ampli tude of oto 2 volts pp. If your local repeater has got you singing the pl tone blues, then read on.

The ct30 is a ctcss decoderencoder on a single printed circuit board. The tone decoder ic contains a stable phaselocked loop and a transistor switch 8 that produces a grounded squarewave when a selected tone is introduced at its input. Hold the microphone of one up to your pc speaker and transmit the tone to the test radio. Ctcss dtmf tone decoder encoder iw5edi simone hamradio.

Te32 for sale te32 selectable module communications tone specialists ctcss pl encoder nib nos. Comtekk multi decoder makes use of the computer sound card and software dsp digital signal processing techniques to decode and instantly display paging, dtmf, and ctcss tone encoded information. Once i had given the uncoder the ctcss tone information for a particular frequency, it should be able to remember the setting and automatically set up the tone info as i tuned my radio to. Comtekk 2 tone decoder utilizes the latest in digital signal processing dsp technology to instantly and accurately measure the frequencies of a received two tone paging signal or fire dispatch tone out signal. Not very professional to be sure, but a great proofofconcept that i was able to implement without buying anything. Figure 1 is an inexpensive pl tone generator with significantly improved performance. In the received audio path the radios audio is routed to the tone decoder input of the chip. Multitone ctcss encoder te32 communications specialists, material. It can decode, transpond and encode from a keypad and ani in any combination of dtmf, two tone, five tone and 1500 and 2805 hz pulse tone. Both actrive high and low outputs are available simultaneously.

Wisco international communications specialists encoders. Te32 selectable module communications tone specialists pl. Low impedance 15k ohms, low distortion adjustable sine wave output, 2v peak to peak. Please ask questions before bidding, refer to pictures for what is included and condition of items. Ctcss encoder decoder board by masters communications. Usb to rs232 serial adapter cable drivers for windows 7 prolific version 3. Imp22k low cost battery operated slave clock impulse driver. Communications specialists ss 32smp ham radio 2way 32 tone ctcss pl encoder. Tone decoders can decode tones 8 at various frequencies. The best solution would be a tone encoder decoder that could detect the frequency that i was operating on and set the tone frequencies appropriately. Quick start ethernet guide lantronix deviceinstaller 4.

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