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You first need to understand the principles that lie behind each move of this opening. How do i increase my chances to win as black in the ruy lopez. It gained a great deal of popularity after vladimir kramnik. Theoretically, maybe the best reply to the ruy lopez is 3. The berlin defence of the ruy lopez opening a solid answer for black versus ruy lopez spanish players if you play the black pieces and white plays 1. The berlin defence in the ruy lopez gm yasser seirawan. Including the najdorf variation, carokann, the berlin defense, ruy lopez main line with 6. Mar 09, 2017 the ss veterans were willing, however, to describe their combat experiences, and gave astonishing accounts of tank battles in operation barbarossa, normandy, italy, the russian front, the massive conflict at kursk, the ardennes and during the final desperate battles against the soviets within the reich and for berlin itself. The mortimer trap, berlin defense, ruy lopez spanish, 1. Chess openings overview this is a list of sound some are not so sound chess openings that are played in chess championships and chess tournaments worldwide. The berlin defence of the ruy lopez this disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title berlin defence.

Browserreadable files with games that you can play through onscreen. Ruy lopez, berlin defense 1 e4 e5 2 nf3 nc6 3 bb5 nf6. The fishing pole chess trap can spring about out of the ruy lopez, berlin defense. For the most part they have represented the sharp defenses on which i based my own repertoire, such as the kings indian and the sicilian. Efren reyes vs earl strickland the battle of legends 5x10 8ball original file duration. Hellir 1 19971029 c78 ruy lopez, moller d 1 e4 e5 2 nf3 nc6 3 bb5 a6 4 ba4 nf6 5 o. The steinitz defence deferred arises after the moves 1. Within the morphy defense, there are three main variations. It has a long and distinguished history and has been popular choice both at club level and at grandmaster level. I have lost many games on the black side of a ruy lopez, but after i purchased this book things have changed. I would recommend that you not go searching for winning lines.

Ruy lopez classical defence called cordel defence i like the cordel defence below because it is an active chess defense, not very often played and it goes right to the point. This has made the sicilian defense weapon a popular fighting weapon at all levels of chess for the past several decades. Grandmaster yasser seirawan tells his story of the berlin defence. The first diagram goes through variations of the berlin defense 3nf6, birds defense 3nd4, the classicalcordel defense 3bc5, the schliemann gambit 3f5, the steinitz defense 3d6, and covers some ideas of the main line with 3a6, including the exchange variation and the morphy defense 4. The ragozin is being played by every top grandmaster in the world it is time you also add it to your repertoire to get interesting and dynamic positions against 1. The ruy lopez opening which also belongs to the double kings pawn openings 1. We would add c67 since chess informant is a founder of eco code. To conclude, nf6 is good and playable both with or without inclusion of a6 and ba4. In my past columns i have often shared games with openings near and dear to my heart and my career. Ever since vladimir kramnik successfully used the line as a neutralizing weapon against garry kasparov in their 2000 world chess championship match, the. Make the spanish opening main line a weapon of choice. As we have seen, if black knows what he is doing in this endgame, its extremely difficult for white to pose any problems. Shop for ruy lopez chess books at us chess federation sales. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to.

A guide for black is a great way to enter the black waters of the ruy. C63 schliemann defense the ruy lopez is one of the most famous and most popular of all chess openings. C65 ruy lopez, berlin defence, beverwijk variation. The belgrade gambit is an exciting way to take the quiet, pedestrian, black and white four knights opening and make it explode with a fusion of high definition technicolor. From here, there are a number of possible variations. Blacks idea is to play nxe4 and open up the game as i know. Its not as popular in amateur chess, as most players do not want to defend the berlin endgame with their king stuck in the center, but the endgame is by no means impossible for black to win as ive found out from the white side more than once. Chessbase ruy lopez cozio variation chessbase ruy lopez exchange variation 2573 games chessbase ruy lopez marshal contergambit tim harding pdf pgn cbh chessbase ruy lopez modern steinitz defense 2 chessbase ruy lopez modern steinitz defense 2031 games chessbase ruy lopez starting out shaw, 2007 enlace. The ruy lopez is probably one of the most analyzed openings in chess. It is whites most logical attempt to continue the attack started on blacks center at move two. Yes, there are aggressive lines, the most notable being the archangel variation, but having a better understanding of the opening line that you play will result in improved results. En passant 500 west main street lansdale, pa 19446. Chapter 1 the heart of this book is the position which is reached after the moves 1. This book was written in the same way and with the intention to make accessible an extremely rich and extensive area as ruy lopez defense is to the chess players of all profiles.

Club players often hesitate to include the berlin in their repertoire because they see the typical berlin wall endgame as complex and daunting. The milnerbarry gambit part 1 gambit cartel by tim mcgrew canning the caro. Ruy lopez 0 tahe berlin defense is reached if black. There are several positive points to add this variation to your opening repertoire. Tahe berlin defense is reached if black plays nf6 on his third move. Search the chess games database, download games, view frequent practitioners and browse the opening explorer. Pdf annotated move by move chess videos chess trap ruy lopez bird defense 3 min.

Wikipedias article on the ruy lopez is a good point to start. A thorough understanding of the ruy lopez will undoubtedly give you a deep understanding of chess. You can replay many chess games here played at top level chess. The berlin defense is a natural, classical way of meeting the ruy lopez. However, black has a very useful move in 3a6, the morphy defense. I would research other lines by using the shredder opening database and see what other people are playing. There are probably more variations for the ruy lopez than any other opening. The ruy lopez opening which is also called the spanish opening is a common used opening in chess and characterized by the following move order 1. Electronic book that you can read onscreen and print out from your own computer.

The berlin defence, also called the berlin wall, is a chess opening that begins with the moves. The book has two chapters on the exchange variation. In addition to that, common opening traps that can arise in the different systems of the ruy lopez will be covered. Its only natural that it should be rediscovered, given the recent popularity of the berlin defense to the spanish ruy lopez generally. Ba4 nf6 is considered main line of ruy lopez and is different system than berlin defence defined by 3. The spanish priest ruy lopez, who was the strongest player of his day, described in the 1500s the opening which now bears his name. Chess opening ruy lopez, berlin defense 1 e4 e5 2 nf3 nc6 3 bb5 nf6.

We offer the widest selection of ruy lopez chess books at the lowest prices with sameday shipping. Play the ruy lopez pdf play the ruy lopez pdf download. This book will teach mainly the zaitsev variation of the ruy lopez. If you like the sound of it and you want to explore the ruy lopez further, please join and lets get ready to begin. The berlin defense contains a common variation beginning 4. Unlike the defenses first mentioned, the morphy defense attempts to. Opening studies an introduction to the ruy lopez adapted.

But if i play nc3 or d3 then i cant play the usual plan c3d4. The berlin variation of the spanish opening has become part of the main opening weapons for black in todays chess. Sep 17, 2006 the idea is to play nc6, e5, and nf6 in whatever order works. The berlin defence of the ruy lopez disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term this disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title berlin defence.

In the first database concerning the berlin, we have learned how to handle the berlin endgame which arises after the move 1. The ruy lopez, also called the spanish opening, spanish game or spanish torture in englishspeaking countries, is a chess opening characterized by the moves. Other third moves, including birds defense, 3nd4, and the gambit line of the schliemann defense, 3f5, are even less promising. We will also cover the modern steinitz defense as well as the anderssen variation of the morphy defense. Ruy lopez berlin defense c67 lagging opening development. Therefore, it is a very good opening to familiarize yourself with. The berlin defense is a very solid defense to the ruy lopez. Anticipating that the berlin defense to the ruy lopez a. Opening studies an introduction to the ruy lopez adapted and. A complete demonstration of the ruy lopez chess forums. The ruy lopez black plays 3cf6 the berlin defense, 3nf6 has had a reputation for solidity and drawishness for a long time, and is commonly referred to as the berlin wall. Compared to 1e5, the downside of the sicilian defense is that moving the cpawn doesnt really open up any lines for blacks pieces to develop except for the queen, which often doesnt want to develop too early. Look for opportunities to capture safely on e5, especially if blacks foolish enough to play d5.

You get your pieces out fast and you dont waste time with the typical spanish pawn move a6. Chessnetwork traps fishing pole ruy lopez sicilian defence beginner. The ruy lopez is a chess opening where white develops a piece and attacks blacks defender of the e5pawn. The free adobe acrobat reader and chessbase light programs can be installed from the cd. When playing the berlin defence, black must keep in mind the threat on his c6 knight. It turns out that whites idea to win a pawn with bxc6 followed by nxe5 doesnt work yet, as well soon see. The 3 main ingredients needed for its success are a hook, bait, and a fish that bites. Oldies but not moldies pdf at vivacity chess center a movebymove discussion of anderssen lange, breslau 1859, which is not the first to mention that anderssen missed 10. Ruy lopez how to play it, how to counter it, and its theory. Trends in modern openings 2014 this dvd helps you to remain uptodate in a number of important and popular openings. The berlin defence has been a highly popular opening in top level chess ever since vladimir kramnik famously used it in the 2000 world championship match to wrest the title from garry kasparov. The berlin defence is a common opening often played at grandmaster level.

Our desire was, therefore, to achieve the highest possible quality. You can save effort by ignoring the nimzovich defense suggestion and focusing on the open games against 1. This natural developing move is the most principled and sharpest option against blacks sound setup. Bb5 ruy lopez or spanish then you can avoid the much played line 3.

Thats the reason why white started to look for some possible. I decided to play the ruy lopez as white against 1e5. The milnerbarry gambit part 2 gambit cartel by tim mcgrew kasparov vs deep blue. The sicilian najdorf is one of blacks most popular and complex variations of the sicilian defense. I wanted to change from playing the sicilian defense as black against 1. Ruy lopez 1 e4 e5 2 nf3 nc6 3 bb5 a6 4 ba4 nf6 5 oo be7 6 re1 b5 7 bb3. This same concept can be applied in the sicilian defense. White avoids the big amount of theory from the mainlines of the ruy lopez, including the open variation 5nxe4. But i want a more strategic position if i play the ruy lopez. The ruy lopez is divided opening into two major categories based off blacks third move. True, it has not the reputation of the modern bastions of blacks defense against the ruy lopez, such as the berlin defense or marshall attack, but it is a perfectly playable system if analyzed and understood properly. Black develops the kingknight to a good square, attacking the e4 pawn. The purpose of these newsletters is to include as many games as possible by npcc players irregardless of the strength of the participants.

Berlin defence wikipedia page explanation and general info about this opening. The ruy lopez is the cornerstone of classical play in chess. The berlin defence also gets black ready to castle quicker than in the morphys defence. Reti, kindian attack, english, various qp openings, kindian, carokann, sicilianrossolimo, siciliannajdorf, giuoco piano, ruy lopez berlin defense, ruy lopez other, qgdvarious, grunfeld, catalan. An introduction to the ruy lopez adapted and amended from rueben fines ideas behind the chess openings, by richard westbrook, 2003. Post your pieces to squares where they will support the center and be effective when things open up. Trade a knight for a bishop so black wont have bishop pair blacks plans. May 23, 2008 the berlin defence in the ruy lopez gm yasser seirawan 2015.

Yasser invites the class to take white and play him once the queens are off the board. We give a compendium of old analysis of the berlin defence 1 e4 e5 2 nf3 nc6 3 bb5 nf6. Bb5 nf6, which often heads for the berlin wall endgame after 4. Ruy lopez berlin defence pdf download draginclarre. Within the morphy, there are three main variations. The belgrade gambit is yet another like the budapest gambit, owing its growth to analysis by chess masters in central europe. It is considered as one of the best openings for white after the moves 1.

A chance to win with black against the ruy lopez isnt necessary dependent on variation. Illustrative games 1 stefansson,h 2545 hector,j 2470 reykjavik. Bb5 nf6 might make its appearance in the upcoming world championship match between vladimir kramnik and veselin topalov both of whom have it in their repertoires as black, though neither favors 1. It is not clear, however, that black has solved the old problems with the line, though a recent article in kaissiber 20 by gm bent larsen suggests some new ideas that may well lead to a more positive. However, everything changed when the grandmaster vladimir kramnik used it successfully against garry kasparov in the match for the world chess championship. Ruy lopez berlin defence pdf download download c2ef32f23e ruy lopez, berlin defense 1 e4 e5 2 nf3 nc6 3 bb5 nf6. Ruy lopez chess books shop for ruy lopez chess books. It covers blacks proper answers to the exchange variation, delayed exchange lines, and other ways white can avoid the closed defense 1. The total marshall marshall attack ruy lopez spanish. With the common use of the double kings pawn opening 1. The ruy lopez is an incredibly popular opening at all levels of chess, from the amateur player up to top level grandmasters.

The berlin had a reputation of being a drawishboring option for black. At least, the british and americans know it as the ruy lopez. Nf6 attacks the center and threatens the pawn on e4. Nf6, you have a sound alternative which gives you good winning chances without undue risk and i am fairly confident that when quantum computing figures out the whole game for us, 3. However, white can play the move qe2 also against the berlin.

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